Information and Cost

Kavernputt, opened in 1999, is the largest simulated cave in the world.

It was built to create a cave experience for those who cannot physically use our natural cave.  To fund it, it is offered to all as a ten thousand square foot eighteen hole miniature golf course.  It may well be the only miniature golf course in the world which can be played from a wheelchair.  Each hole conveys some unique aspect of caves.  This course is pure cave.  There are no cannons, Ferris wheels, plastic animals or other artifacts usually associated with miniature golf.  Three years in the making, this miniature golf course is designed to both entertain and educate.  The cost is $7 per person.  

  • There is a group rate $6.00 per person for groups of 15 or more with reservations.

Please see the homepage for the days open for this season.  We are open from mid-April through the last Sunday in October.  The traditional Tour and Modified Traditional Tour are offered every day, without exception.  We are even open on holidays.  When the first ticket for the “next tour” is sold a twenty minute countdown is started.  With this rule, no one need wait more than twenty minutes for the one hour tour.  The visitors’ center opens every day at 9:00 AM.  The last tour of the day enters at 4:30 PM.