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Panning for Gemstones

Panning for Gemstones

This delightful activity is a favorite of students.  Gold rush screening techniques are used by each participant to produce a small bagful of actual gemstones that can be identified from a color card given to each.  The cost is $6 per person plus tax.  Groups of 15 or more may enjoy this activity for only $5 per person.

Panning for Fossils

The traditional Laurel Caverns fossil hunt is still the most interesting way for educational groups to find actual fossils at Laurel Caverns.  However, for those groups lacking the time for a full field walk we have Panning for Fossils.  This activities works just like Panning for Gemstones except that actual fossils are found instead.  The cost is $12 person plus tax.  Educational groups of 15 or more may enjoy this activity for only $10 per bag.  School field trips often split these bags between two students because each contains several large fossils.

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