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For its 2021 season, Laurel Caverns is open every Saturday and Sunday beginning Saturday, April 10th through Sunday, October 31st.

AND seven days a week beginning Memorial Day through Labor Day


Due to Federal and State guidelines requiring social-distancing, mask-wearing, and other COVID-related constraints and until these constraints are no longer required in Pennsylvania, admittance to Laurel Caverns is limited to the lighted portion of Laurel Caverns. Caving activities to the unlighted portion of Laurel Caverns will be restored once these constraints are lifted. In the meantime, visitors are expected to arrive wearing facemasks and to understand that we must, by law, enforce Federal and State guidelines.

Admission Rate to the Lighted Portion of Laurel Caverns

Adults                          $ 15

Youth (ages 5 – 17)     $ 10

Children (ages 0 – 4)   $ 00


Support Laurel Caverns Conservancy by taking our

Laurel Caverns Virtual Tour

Welcome to Laurel Caverns. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic Laurel Caverns has not been able to provide public tours. It’s our hope that you will participate in our virtual tour with David Cale. By renting this video you are helping the Laurel Caverns Conservancy preserve Laurel Caverns for future generations. We thank you and hope you enjoy this virtual tour.

2021 TOURS


This year’s guided tour has the advantage that no steps are involved. The amount of walking is about 600 feet, equivalent to walking from one end of a football field to the other and back again. However, because this is spread-out over about 40 minutes, it does not seem that far. The geology and history of the cave are fully covered. Social-distancing rules restrict the size of these tours and increases their frequency. Yet, rarely does anyone wait more than 20 minutes for an available guide. The first tour enters at 9:30 am and the last enters at 4:00 pm. The Visitors’ Center closes at 5:30 p.m.


If one wishes to avoid being on a tour with others, as many do, the Laurel Caverns Conservancy created, at least for this year, the option of going self-guided. Certain rules apply. The trade-off, for not having a guide, is that one is also allowed to go, via steps, into the lower reaches of the lighted part of the cave. Red lights mark the beginning of the passages that are not to be entered for reasons of safety. Those taking this option are given a map and orientation by a staffer before entering the cave.


Reservations are required if one wishes to bring a group of fifteen or more from a legally structured educational institution (schools, summer camps, scout groups, church groups, etc.). Please call 724-438-3003 and ask for Lillian to get group rates, discuss combining the guided tour with the self-guided option, learn more, have accommodation questions answered, and/or book a tour.


At Laurel Caverns, we take learning underground.

Traditional Guided Tours

Our traditional guided tour lasts about one hour and covers all those passages that can be reached without climbing down or up over rocks. All passages on the traditional guided tour are lighted. There are no age restrictions on this tour and no special equipment is needed.


Caving is the more contemporary term for what is popularly called spelunking.  It refers to going into a cave completely in its natural state.

Family Lookout

Family Lookout

Lookout off the back deck of the Laurel Caverns facility and see a beautiful view high above on Chestnut Ridge.

Laurel Caverns is an incredible place and your patronage is greatly appreciated.

We have a dedicated staff

From management to guides and everyone in between Laurel Caverns staff are local professionals.

Certified Experience

Our caving staff are seasoned professionals with first aid and current CPR certifications.

Our Tours are reasonably priced

Laurel Caverns receives no public funding.  Yet, its ticket prices are at or below those of other caves.  By visiting Laurel Caverns you are helping the Laurel Caverns Conservancy preserve the largest natural bat hibernaculum in the northeast United States, and the 435 acres above its four miles of passages, for future generations. 

Located in Fayette County PA

Laurel Caverns is 8 miles from Hopwood, PA 15445 and 11 miles from Farmington, PA 15437, surrounded by the Forbes State Forest.

Souvenir Shop

Reasonably priced items are available so that every child can afford a souvenir. Also available, if shopping time is a problem for school groups, are pre-set souvenir packages of a variety of items.

Home to Pennsylvania’s largest cave.

Laurel Caverns

Laurel Caverns is 8 miles from Hopwood, PA 15445 and 11 miles from Farmington, PA 15437, surrounded by the Forbes State Forest.  For purposes of GPS, put in 1065 Skyline Drive, Farmington, Pennsylvania.  Please read our directions. For its 2021 season, Laurel Caverns is open every Saturday and Sunday beginning Saturday, April 10th through Sunday, October 31st.

Laurel Caverns is a large natural calcareous sandstone cave located 50 miles south of Pittsburgh.   Most of the passage ceilings in its four mile labyrinth are between ten and twenty feet high (many as high as 50 feet) with an average width of over twelve feet.  This makes it the largest cave in Pennsylvania.  If classified as a sandstone cave, it is the largest sandstone cave in the world.  The cave itself is situated beneath a 435 acre privately owned geological preserve.  Because this property is at the top of Chestnut Ridge, all of the water that enters the cave is pristine.

Because of its size three trips are offered.  The traditional tour is for families with children and takes one hour.  Upper caving is more rigorous and takes two hours.  Lower caving is very rigorous and takes visitors the entire three miles to the bottom of the mountain.

The cost of maintaining this preserve is only funded by cave admissions, program admissions, and our gift shop.  No local, state or federal tax dollars are used for either the support of this private preservation initiative or for the support of its educational programs.  For this reason your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Because of its size, Laurel Caverns is also the largest natural bat hibernaculum in the north-eastern United States.  In commitment to its preservation mission, the cave is closed during winter months for the bat’s winter hibernation season.  Therefore, visitors will not likely see bats since the cave is open during the spring, summer, and fall months when bats have left the cave.

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