Educational Field Trips

Our educational field trip activities are designed to serve school field trips, specialized learning programs, daycare centers, summer camps, government youth programs, bus tours, university classes, cultural studies, and the like. To participate in one or more of these activities the group must have at least fifteen paying members, have made advance arrangements prior to the visit (the earlier the better – many dates in May are filled by mid April) and in some way be sponsored by or associated with a recognized organization or institution.

While some of these activities are also offered to the general public, (i.e. the traditional guided tour, spelunking/caving) group participation has the advantages of price discounts and a greater emphasis on learning.

Finally, there are certain amenities offered by Laurel Caverns that will enhance your fieldtrip experience. Among these are our seven-county view, our souvenir shop, Kavernputt, gemstone panning, our free picnic shelter and picnicking area, and vended beverage service area.

Laurel Caverns Cave Study Seminar (Speleology)

This three hour high adventure learning program integrates caving with the study of the flora, fauna (particularly bats), and geology of Laurel Caverns.  Students will visit dig sites where heretofore unknown cave passages are being found and will be told the secret to the discovery of such passages.  The opportunity to collect pottery clay is a part of this program for younger participants and Cave Rescue guidelines a part for older participants.

This program requires participants to be 9 years of age or older and bring at least two good sources of light.  Also, each must wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and shoes with good tread and ankle support.  Laurel Caverns will supply the hard hats. Each participant must also fill out and sign the Upper Caving Release Form.   The cave temperature is 52 degrees.  Bring a change of clothing; this is a real caving trip and participants will get the wet sands of the cave on their clothing.


Reservations for the traditional and modified-traditional tours are not needed; but, it is helpful if large groups let us know in advance they are coming.


Cameras are welcome in the caverns, but please, no video recorders.

Group Size : One guide per classroom. (Assumes a class size of 20 to 28 students) Reservations required. Please call as soon as possible. Many dates are filled by mid-april. No Deposit Required. Pay upon day of arrival or request the school be billed.

Pricing for Traditional Tour ~ School Rates

  • Pre-K

    $3.00 per student

  • Grade K-5

    $8.00 per student

  • Grade 6-12

    $10.00 per student

  • Adults

    $12.00 per person

  • Teachers, bus drivers, and special needs attendants

    No Charge

Speleology Tours

  • Program Fee

    $25 per participant

    There is a $3 per person discount for participants ages 9 thru 11.

  • Teachers, bus drivers, and special needs attendants

    No Charge

Please see the homepage for the days open for this season.  We are open from mid-April through the last Sunday in October.  The traditional Tour and Modified Traditional Tour are offered every day, without exception.  We are even open on holidays.  When the first ticket for the “next tour” is sold a twenty minute countdown is started.  With this rule, no one need wait more than twenty minutes for the one hour tour.  The visitors’ center opens every day at 9:00 AM.  The last tour of the day enters at 4:30 PM.